Learnsmarter - Clients
The speed and quality of the technical responses we get is fantastic. The team at Learnsmarter gives us a lot of confidence.
Thomas Arampatzis, Head of Academy
We have clients wanting to book outside office hours and it has improved our efficiency by being able to take bookings online. Also having that activity intrinsically linked to our systems means no longer having to duplicate data and instead being able to keep all our records in one place.
James Wortley, Business Development and Marketing Manager
Learnsmarter have been fantastic: approachable, collaborative and understanding of what an organization like ours needs.
Ben Tym, Project Manager
I would absolutely recommend Learnsmarter to companies looking for a training administration solution that integrates with Salesforce.
Bruce Johnson, Founder and VP Technology
Since coming on board with Learnsmarter our training process has improved considerably. The automatic notification email which includes a location map allows us to inform our Clients professionally and instantly updates our accounts. Our paperless records are stored centrally in one place and are accessible at all times.
Lisa Styles, YellowJacket
Learnsmarter is a great product. Everything works really well and it fits well with Salesforce. It works nicely when we have needed to move things around - we've really made it our own.
Jon Dean, Impellus
Every time I open the app, I am staggered by what you can do with it.
Richard Gravestock, Batalas