Learnsmarter - FAQ
What does Learnsmarter do?
Learnsmarter is a tool to manage the delivery of learning and to record the outcomes of learning. In other words: It’s a training administration system.
Is Learnsmarter just for training companies?
Learnsmarter works whether you want to manage training for your customers, staff, partners, dealers, franchisees, volunteers or any combination of those. There are many businesses such as tech companies, manufacturers and so on that have built up significant training businesses within their operations that have much the same needs as a pure training company.
Can I track training history?
Yes. You can view training history for individuals and everyone linked to an account. Learnsmarter also supports multiple certificate numbering methods, including an OPITO compliant certificate numbering system. The reports are very flexible and you can add in and report on your own custom fields too.
Why is there no feature list on the website?
Learnsmarter is a feature-rich application, with many capabilities. The system is continually being improved and developed, but its uses are not simply limited to features that we have developed. The ability to customize and extend the application means that clients may even be able to build features that don’t exist. One recent example is two clients who have developed functionality to manage pre-sold course places. We’d like you to have a product demo and a free trial to really understand the capabilities of Learnsmarter. If you have very specific needs, please ask us. We will always answer honestly, but it will give us the opportunity to explore with you the options available to achieve whatever it is you want to do.
How does Learnsmarter work with Salesforce?
Learnsmarter is hosted on the Salesforce platform. The platform is trusted by over 100,000 organizations every day. Learnsmarter is designed to work seamlessly with Salesforce CRM. All your data will be in one place.
Do I need to be a Salesforce user to run Learnsmarter?
No. Learnsmarter can be run using an embedded Salesforce license. What this means is that you get all the benefits of the Salesforce platform, but you don’t get to use the Salesforce CRM system, although you still get Accounts, Contacts, Chatter, Reports and Dashboards. Adding full Salesforce licenses does definitely extend the capabilities of the application, but it is not essential for all users and you can always add Salesforce CRM licenses at a later date. There are some limitations; for example, you can’t create your own custom objects or use any other AppExchange apps unless you have a full Salesforce CRM license. If you are at all unsure about what you need, please ask us.
What edition of Salesforce do I need to use Learnsmarter?
Learnsmarter will work with Salesforce Professional edition and above. For Learnsmarter Sites, a minimum of Salesforce Enterprise edition is required.
Can I mix embedded licenses with Salesforce CRM licenses?
Yes, but only on Salesforce Enterprise Edition and above. If you want your Learnsmarter users to have access to CRM objects such as opportunities, then every Learnsmarter Core user must have a CRM license. If you don’t need this, then your Core users do not need a CRM license. Learnsmarter Associate users do not need a CRM license unless you are using Professional edition, or you need them to have access to CRM objects or any custom objects that you have created.
How secure is the Salesforce platform?
The Salesforce platform is based on a truly world class security infrastructure, ISO 27001 certified that significantly exceeds levels of security that most companies can achieve by themselves. There are multiple data centers around the world. The platform is maintained and managed by a team of experts 24 hours a day. http://www.salesforce.com/platform/cloud-infrastructure/security.jsp
Will this help to reduce our carbon footprint?
It’s true that data centers do consume power and resources, but the Salesforce multi-tenant architecture is a massively more efficient way to provide computing power than the myriads of application servers it has replaced. True multi-tennant is also much more efficient than either a dedicated or shared space on a server in a data center and is inherently more resilient. In the time the Salesforce platform has been running it has prevented hundreds of thousands of servers from even being built in the first place with enormous net benefits in terms of power consumption, real estate, landfill and so on and has saved hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions. Ask for a copy of our ROI calculator to help you consider the often hidden and disregarded costs of running internal application servers. Additional information is available here : http://www.salesforce.com/company/sustainability/
I already have so much training history – can I import it?
Yes. It can be imported. There is no automatic import because everybody’s data is different and it can be complex. But we do offer that service
Can I interface with other applications apart from Salesforce?
Learnsmarter has built in interfaces with applications such as WorldAddresses, Google Maps, and Paypal and more are being added. Clients have built their own interfaces to packages such as Netsuite and there are many apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange that can work with Learnsmarter.
Can I store videos/photos in Learnsmarter?
Learnsmarter supports many standard Salesforce features, so yes, you can store files, including videos or links to YouTube. You can even save these as part of an individual learning history record and do things like customize the Contacts page layout to include a person’s photo.
What kind of reports can I generate in Learnsmarter?
With the standard Salesforce reporting engine you can produce as many reports as you want. We provide a few standard reports to get you started, but as people want different things most people go on to develop their own reports. Learnsmarter does provide, for example, registers, and profit and loss reports.
Can my customers book and pay online through my web site?
Yes. Learnsmarter Sites is an ecommerce/online booking application that will allow direct bookings from your web site. You can also take direct bookings from your company’s Facebook page. Learnsmarter Sites uses Paypal to process payments.
Do I need to have a PCI certificate?
Paypal is PCI level 1 certified and Learnsmarter does not store or transmit any credit card data. PCI compliance is largely handled by Paypal, but you do need to complete an annual PCI self-assessment questionnaire.
Can I invoice through Learnsmarter?
Yes. You can raise invoices in Learnsmarter and email these to your clients. A sophisticated discount management function lets you control how much discount your sales staff can give. Learnsmarter Sites has an ‘invoice me’ function. You have control over who can use this, so you can allow just some, or all of your customers to bill themselves directly.
How will Learnsmarter interface with my web site?
Learnsmarter Sites uses a component based approach. These components are called Widgets and there is a course search Widget and a cart Widget. You can build as many versions of these Widgets as you want and then insert these into your website using a single line of code. The Widget displays data directly from Salesforce. The data never leaves the Salesforce platform, so there is no need to synchronize data between your back office and your website; everything is happening in real time.
How will Learnsmarter help manage my trainers?
Learnsmarter lets you view the schedules of multiple trainers and you can filter these views by course and location.
How will Learnsmarter help my trainers to manage their schedule?
Learnsmarter Associate is a version of Learnsmarter designed specifically with trainers in mind. They can track their courses, venues, registrants and travel arrangements.
How many Learnsmarter licenses will I need?
Our licensing model is essentially the same as the Salesforce licensing model so everyone who needs to see our data – whether that’s one field or the whole application - has to have a license. For trainers there are Learnsmarter Associate licenses. This is a less expensive, condensed version showing the data that trainers need.
What kind of training do I need to use Learnsmarter?
It depends. If you are already using Salesforce, then Learnsmarter will feel instantly familiar. If you are new to the Salesforce platform then you will probably need more training. The amount of training recommended varies depending on the level of experience of your users, what mix of Learnsmarter products you have and what you want to achieve. A significant proportion of Learnsmarter customers have purchased no training at all. The best thing is to speak to us and we can put together a suitable plan.
What if I need additional features for my specific business needs?
The application is very configurable. You can add in extra fields, and, if you have a full Salesforce CRM license, you can add in objects. Features such as the email engine and reports are very flexible and support custom fields.
What kind of clients do you have?
Our clients span a diverse range of sectors including training, healthcare, tech, manufacturing and leisure.
Is Learnsmarter available worldwide?
Yes, Learnsmarter is already being used in Europe, North America and Australia.
Can you help me to calculate ROI?
Yes. Of course. Please ask for a copy of our free ROI calculator.
Can I try out Learnsmarter for free with no obligations?
Yes. You can have a free 30-day trial. Sign up at www.learnsmarter.com/tryit or call our sales team now.