Learnsmarter -Creating and using a Salesforce approval process with Learnsmarter
Creating and using a Salesforce approval process with Learnsmarter
Published 20th October 2017
By Sean Dukes

Learnsmarter is a native Salesforce app and one of the huge benefits you get is that you can use the great extensibility tools that you get with Salesforce to extend core Learnsmarter functionality. Adding in an approval process is a really simple thing to do and this video shows you how.


The use case we're demonstrating is where a business schedules courses centrally, but allocates trainers regionally. Once trainers are allocated, there is a final checking process before the courses go live. We've spoken to a number of organisations where this kind of thing has been managed with Excel spreadsheets and a liberal sprinkling of copy and paste.

An approval process can not only simplify that, but also automate additional tasks that would otherwise be done manually. If your use case is slightly different, then tweak the approval process to suit. You can also use approval process with Registrations too.

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