Learnsmarter -An even better way to create custom report types
An even better way to create custom report types
Published 17th November 2016
By Sean Dukes
In a previous post, I explained how to create a monthly accruals report and this involved creating a custom report type.

Custom report types are great, but they're most useful when they show just the fields you need. In the previous post, my recommendation was to drag all the fields out of the list of selected fields and then drag the ones that you want back in, but that's a bit of a tedious chore and we have discovered an even easier way.

The first thing to do is to create the basic report type, so Setup > Create > Report Types and then go through the wizard to the point where you've selected your objects and created the base report type (see the monthly accruals report post if you are unsure how to get this far). Now you need to select the fields 

Report Type on creation

Firstly, you should already have a design and know what fields you need in your report type to display, group and filter by. Now, if you get rid of everything you don't need at this point, then you should find that creating the final report is much simpler. This is where the new tip comes in.

So first re-order the fields within the list of returned fields so that all the ones you want are at the end of the list (and hopefully in the order you want). To do this, you just drag them down to the end of the section and let go.

User-added image

Once you have all the fields that you want at the end of the list, then you simply remove all of the others by dragging them out. To do this, click on the top left hand record, then shift and click on the bottom right hand record you want to remove, then drag the block out. You have to drag it over the fields selector on the right, wait until the solid black line appears and then let go.

User-added image

Remove any remaining fields that you couldn't get the first time.

User-added image

And then, you're left with the fields that you do want.

User-added image

This tip certainly works for me and I use it every time I have to create a custom Report Type. I highly recommend it.

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