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Learnsmarter Latte Art
Published 26th February 2017
By Sean Dukes
We’re fans of great coffee at Learnsmarter. We cheat a bit by having a bean to cup machine in the office, but we do have work to do, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing. However, one thing we have played around with a bit from time to time was trying to create some kind of latte art - maybe something simple like a heart - with absolutely zero success.

We pride ourselves on our ability to stick with things and find the answers to the difficult problems, but there are situations when we recognize that it’s time to bring in some outside help; enter Layla from Killed by Coffee.

The first thing we discovered was that we had no idea how to use our coffee machine. After a few minutes twiddling a few knobs, Layla had our machine doing things we didn’t even know were possible.

Next thing we knew, there was a perfectly decorated coffee sitting on the counter. Clearly we couldn’t use the equipment as an excuse; it was us.

Latte art perfection

Now it’s probably time to get a bit technical. The type and shape of jug you use for frothing the milk is very important. As is the sound. Too noisy and that’s an indicator of a bad barista. So much to learn. You have to get the temperature and the size of the bubbles just right and then it’s time to start pouring. You start from high up whilst swirling the cup – or is it the jug? Hmm. Clearly not a great student. Anyway, once you have about half the cup done and a nice mix going you get the spout of the jug really close and sort of push the foam in a series of circles, before finishing off with a final flourish and there you have your perfect coffee. 

Except we didn’t.

The team in action

We all had a go and none of us were any good. I now have a pretty good understanding of the principles though and maybe after making a few hundred more coffees every day we could make the whole thing look as easy as Layla does. Truthfully I doubt that and the baristas of Winchester really don’t need to worry about the competition. It was also really good fun and despite our collective incompetence it was a great diversion for an hour or so.

Having a go

If you ever come in for a visit, then you have a good chance of getting a half decent cup of coffee. Just don’t expect any pretty patterns on the top (unless Elise makes it – we think she’s been secretly practicing). Thanks Layla for a really enjoyable session.

Final result
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