Learnsmarter -Learnsmarter Core and Learnsmarter Associate are now Lightning Ready
Learnsmarter Core and Learnsmarter Associate are now Lightning Ready
Published 7th March 2017
By Sean Dukes
We’re pleased to announce that Learnsmarter Core and Learnsmarter Associate are now officially Lightning Ready.

What does this mean for you? Well the obvious thing is it means that you can use Learnsmarter if you are already, or are thinking about moving to Lightning; using Learnsmarter won’t stop you. That’s one of the key reasons why Salesforce are encouraging all their ISV partners to have Lightning Ready applications.

But, it illustrates something else too. We’re constantly improving and upgrading our apps. This may not always be obvious and it’s not every day we get a Lightning Ready badge to shout about, but behind the scenes we are working every day to make our apps better. This could be adding new features, it could be making changes to keep up with or take advantage of the latest technology, or it could be optimising existing features to make them run faster, scale better or be easier to extend.

That’s something that it’s easy to overlook when considering a self-build solution. The self-build route may seem attractive at first and you can build some very tailored features. What isn’t always obvious is that beyond the initial costs, any apps you build must be maintained every year and this could be a big project if the original design wasn’t flexible enough or even if you just want to migrate to Lightning.

Compare that to Learnsmarter. It’s already built on top of one of the world’s most flexible and extendable enterprise software platforms. If you need very tailored solutions, it is possible to extend what we’ve done very easily using button click configurations, or if necessary code, to add these very specific requirements onto the base functionality that Learnsmarter provides.

One final word about Lightning. Just because our apps work in Lightning, it doesn’t mean we’ve finished. Over the coming weeks, months and years we’ll be pushing forward to take advantage of more and more of the flexibility that Lightning offers and in future I’m sure we’ll be adding in and working with tools and components that don’t even exist today. Learnsmarter still works in Classic too and we’re working on more new features that will work in both platforms.
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