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A Learning Item Can Be Anything

Learnsmarter - Salesforce Exchange App News

How do you like to learn something new?
When I ask people that question, I get a lot of different answers. Podcast, video, youtube, instagram, meetings, training courses, and the list goes on.  
With that in mind, we have built flexibility into the new Learnsmarter application on the Salesforce Appexchange. 
If the Vice President of Sales wants to use a whiteboard video to onboard new employees, the video can be a learning item, which is then added to a program.
If the HR team want a podcast to be watched by all employees, this can be added to everyone’s development program.
You are only limited by your imagination (or so we think!) in what a learning item can be.  What would you like to give your employees to learn?

January 13, 2021

The All-New Learnsmarter

I am not sure if we found the Appexchange, or the Appexchange found us, but my life has never been the same since! Learnsmarter was


We are getting ready to attend Salesforce Dreamforce 2019 in San Francisco from November 19-22, 2019. Salesforce are building a Trailhead Zone on Moscone West,

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