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The Learnsmarter LMS is built on Salesforce to provide a rich feature set and a great user experience.

Run physical and in-person courses. Schedule resources, manage clashes and track attendance.
Combine instructor-led training, Trailhead modules and assessments. Easily report on progress.
Assign badges to courses and programs. Recognise achievement with emails, alerts and Chatter posts.
Combine Course, Trailhead and Program data with learning data from other sources. See the bigger picture.
Salesforce surveys track satisfaction. Cases respond to learners' needs. Combine learning and marketing tools.
Lay out pages the way you want. Use Mobile Publisher to create branded apps for the App Store and Google Play.
Illustration of software management for online corporate training

Customer Use Cases

Sales team onboarding

Complete 15 trailhead or myTrailhead badges and attend a boot camp. See progress at a glance.

Partner training

Include assessments and manage documentation. Run different tracks for different specialists.

Continuous learning

Combine points for courses, Trailhead modules and self-directed learning. Report on total scores.

Managing Compliance

Use versioning to track changes to learning content. Identify training gaps if requirements alter over time.

Feature Spotlight

100% Lightning, 100% Native

Built for Salesforce Lightning Experience and Experience Cloud.

Configure the app, add new fields and change layouts using standard Salesforce tools. You get the security and flexibility provided by the Salesforce Security model giving you fine-grained control over who can see and do what.

  • Want to add your own fields? Go ahead
  • Want to change a Page Layout? Be my guest
  • Need an approval process? Add it in
  • Build your own reports and dashboards? Crack on
  • Combine with Salesforce Surveys? Absolutely
  • Want to add functionality with Process Builder or Flows? Of course
  • Want to use Salesforce Classic? Sorry – Lightning only
Lightning Bolt

Learnsmarter Components

Give your users the information they need where they need it.

Sometimes standard pages and reports just don’t cut it, so we have a number of Lightning Web Components that you can add into Lightning App and Experience Cloud  pages to make life easy for your users.

One example is the Learning Overview. You can put it on a user Homepage in Salesforce, or on an Experience Cloud (Community) page and it will tell the logged in user exactly what they should be doing and maybe what’s coming up. This particular component can also be added to the User or Contact pages, so that you can see this information for other people too.

Learnsmarter LMS - dashboard

Learning Record Store

Combine data from multiple sources and see everything in one place.

  • Instructor-led courses managed in Learnsmarter LMS
  • Trailhead and myTrailhead badges
  • Assessed Learning
  • Blended Learning and Programs
  • Results from a third party LMS
  • Self-directed learning

The screen shot shows an easy way to submit records of Self-Directed learning that’s linked to an approval process. The approval part is optional. It’s your system…

Learn Recording App

Working with Trailhead and myTrailhead

Learnsmarter LMS is built to work with Trailhead and myTrailhead.

With hundreds of badges and millions of courses completed, Trailhead is a phenomenal learning tool and one you may already use. myTrailhead lets you build Trailhead modules with your own content and leverage the success of this great product.

Flipped Learning, blended learning, learning programs? Learnsmarter LMS and myTrailhead give you the tools you need.

Trailhead and myTrailhead

A full feature set

Community and internal experiences are translatable into all end-user languages that Salesforce supports.
All your data is kept in and never leaves Salesforce. The Learnsmarter app has passed the rigorous Salesforce security review and is regularly code scanned.
We are certified professionals with many years of Salesforce experience. We’re happy to talk tech and answer your questions.
myTrailhead modules teach you about Learnsmarter LMS. Support is included as standard and you’ll have access to our knowledgebase and help desk.

Learnsmarter are proud to work with Salesforce Platinum partner Dazeworks.

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